European Institute of Innovation (IEI) is a leading multidisciplinary team with a 35 year track record in delivering outstanding products, services and developments.  Our work spans technical and creative projects in architecture, urban planning, engineering, industrial design, energy efficiency, sustainability and mobility.


The multidisciplinary nature and range of IEI‘s services enables us to resolve complex project challenges across contexts and geographical locations.  We have delivered projects in Spain, France, Portugal, Morocco, Guinea Equatorial, Gabon, Tunisia, Tanzania, Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Peru.

IEI‘s broad skill and network with specialist consultants and associated companies underpin our global capacity.  From urban planning to product development, our dynamic project management, concurrent working methodology and multidisciplinary value adding delivers high quality outcomes with international insight.

Our customer oriented services focus on understanding clients’ needs and providing complete services to make projects a success.  We work closely throughout project stages in feasibility analysis, strategy, design, development, manufacturing, construction, start-up, and even on the development and market launch of products.