We are happy to announce that IEI  with Gutierrez-delaFuente together got the 2nd Prize in the Competition for the refurbishment of the administrative public building located on Via Augusta in Barcelona, Spain.
The refurbishment of the office building is based on an energy renovation, a functional update and the appreciation in value of the building regarding its urban role in the city. The proposal cares of the pre-existences found and the original values of the building and its volumetry. With the energy rehabilitation of the building, it is proposed to transform it into a low exergy building that guarantees the requirements of efficiency, quality and low impact. The final objective is a NZEB almost zero energy building, with a consumption between 10 and 15 kWh/m2 year, aspiring to the highest Breeam rating in a rehabilitation process and the implementation of a process of continuous efficiency improvement throughout its life cycle.

We are proud to work together with: Gutierrez-delaFuente and the multidisciplinary competition team:
Structure: bis_211
BIM: Ramón Jerez Olivera
Visualizations: dramaviz
HVAC engineering: Aprosol