Project Description

Design, development, and manufacture of mobile units for Häagen Dazs

Spain (2003)

Client: General Mills
Completion date: 2003

Design, development, and manufacture of a mobile unit for the promotion of Häagen Dazs events.

Jaguar, mobile tasting point
It is a mobile unit for the sale of ice cream in shopping centers. It is a modular system for promotion and sale in large areas. It is made up of a set of three partitions with an aluminum structure that supports promotional graphics, a refrigerator cart for ice cream tasting, and a storage chest for the sale of the product.

Galaxy, modular satellite unit for ice cream sales:
The unit includes 1 ice cream display refrigerator, a showcase with 3 buckets for dry topping and a hot chocolate sauce dispenser, 1 ice cream cone display, 1 portion washer with exclusive washing system, 1 sink with two soap dispensers, 1 water heater, autonomous water system, lighted roof, and hydraulic opening and displacement system.

Over five years, more than 30 complete units have been manufactured and distributed to 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

Mercurio, modular satellite unit for ice cream sales:

A Tent Trailer is projected to promote events. Designed under the corporate image concepts of Häagen-Dazs. The trailer is a mobile kiosk for special events. It is transported as a compact unit and when it reaches its destination it is deployed to serve the public.