Project Description

Turnkey services for the design, development, and complete implementation of the Häagen-Dazs corporate image

Spain (1999-2012)

Client: Häagen-Dazs / General Mills

From 1999 to 2006, IEI worked together with the Häagen-Dazs Marketing Department offering a turnkey service for the design, development, and complete execution of the Häagen Dazs corporate image: from the determination of application criteria to the new corporate image of the new concept 2000 in its mobile points of sale, kiosks, corporate furniture, etc.

During 7 years of work, the IEI carried out the projects and the «turnkey» construction management of more than 30 stores throughout Spain and Morocco.

IEI designed, developed, and manufactured on behalf of the Marketing Department of Häagen-Dazs a trailer-rein, MERCURIO, for the promotion of events throughout Spain. This two-axle kiosk-trailer, designed as a point of sale and tasting for promotions at events located anywhere with a large influx of public: beaches, concerts, championships, etc. Equipped with: 1 ice cream display refrigerator, 3 freezers, 1 refrigerator, 1 sink, 1 sink, 1 cash register, 2 display cabinets, rear storage for dry material.

The Häagen-Dazs marketing department team in London and Madrid entrusted the IEI with the design, development, and manufacture of the Modular Satellite Unit (MSU) or GALAXY, easily transportable equipment, designed as a complementary point of sale to a Häagen-Dazs store located inside a shopping center with a large influx of public and, therefore, with the need to expand the space for attention and sale to it. This equipment can be combined in groups of 2, 3, or 4 units, coupled to each other forming a compact island. The unit includes 1 ice cream display refrigerator, a showcase with 3 buckets for dry topping and a hot chocolate sauce dispenser, 1 ice cream cone display, 1 portion washer with exclusive washing system, 1 sink with two soap dispensers, 1 water heater, autonomous water system, lighted roof, and hydraulic opening and displacement system. Over five years, more than 30 complete units were manufactured and distributed to 16 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.

The Häagen-Dazs Marketing Department commissioned the IEI to design, develop and manufacture a modular system for the promotion and sale of large stores, JAGUAR. It is made up of a set of three partitions with an aluminum structure that supports promotional graphics, a refrigerator cart for ice cream tasting, and a storage chest for the sale of the product. The screens are of a folding aluminum structure, which supports printed promotional graphics. For storage, the graphic is rolled up, the structure folded and stored inside.