Luis de Pereda, Project Director of the Instituto Europeo de Innovacion IEI and Director of the Comprehensive Efficiency Services brand ENERES, was invited by Arc Skoru to speak about Apolonio Molares‘ project recently certified with LEED Platinum. The comprehensive rehabilitation project of Apolonio Morales 29 was carried out by the architects Luis de Pereda and Manolo Mallo for the European Institute of Innovation in 2009.  Apolonio Morales Building is the first existing building in Europe for LEED 4.1 O+M Platinum Indoor Environmental Quality. The building’s occupant, sustainability consultancy ENERES, collaborated with Savills, Arc and arbnco to carry out ongoing Performance Verification of the project’s Indoor Air Quality and thermal comfort.

If you interested to listen the consultans explaining the project, follow this link.