Project Description

Competition for the Comprehensive Rehabilitation of an Office Building

Calle Doctores Castroviejo 9, Logroño (2014)

Description: Rehabilitation, Refurbishment, Competition
Client: Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations
Built area: 1723 m²
Completion date: 2014

Comprehensive rehabilitation proposal for an office building in the center of Logroño. The building is conceived to generate a new energetic behavior, treating its envelope as a means of exchange and transfer of energy and not just insulation. The proposed communication tower, in addition to being a vertical communication element, is designed as the container element for the generation and collection facilities, as well as the distribution of energy to the building. Through the two walkways per floor, all the energy fluids will be supplied to the building as close as possible to the balance in consumption, achieving maximum economy in distribution and greater energy efficiency of the building.