Project Description

Underground parking in Paseo de los Tilos and access to the historic center of Segovia

Segovia, (2008)

Description: 239 conventional parking spaces, 111 semi-automatic parking spaces
Client: Segovia City Council
Completion date: 2008

The winning project of the public Concession Award for the Project, Work, and Exploitation of the new underground car park in Paseo de Los Tilos in Segovia. The proposal contemplates an underground car park consisting of a conventional car park (239 spaces) and a semi-automatic car park (111 spaces) for rotating and resident use respectively, adapting to the irregular profile of the slope without invading the lower part of the gardens. It also includes the construction of a means of lift for pedestrians, including escalators and an elevator for people with reduced mobility that facilitates access to the historic center of Segovia through the Isabel II Hall, from the lower part of the city. Likewise, geothermal exchange systems are incorporated to recirculate the water from the exchanger in public areas, increasing the comfort of passers-by during winter. In August 2012 Icomos Internacional, the Unesco body in charge of watching over historical monuments, has a favorable report issued for the Special Plan that allows the construction of this car park.