Project Description

Hispano-American Training Center, El Toconal, Cáceres

El Toconal de Arriba, Cáceres, (2008)

Description: New construction
Client: Unión Lumen Dei
Built area: 12,960.77m²
Completion date: 2008

The unique location of the building and its status as an emblematic Training Center are combined in a project where, in the most classic terms of implantation of architecture in the territory, presence and integration are played out. We have searched the very nature of the land, the environment, and the region for the keys to our proposal.

Architectural integration. The architecture of the Seminary should almost disappear on a medium and distant scale integrated into the elements of the natural landscape and the slopes of our land.

Landscape integration. The Seminar must participate in its privileged situation to enjoy the environment and to appropriate the views and the landscape without altering it, without affecting its scale and structure, and at the same time being a harmonious part of the same landscape.

Environmental integration. It is projected with criteria of maximum respect for the vegetation, the topography, and even the geological structures of the environment.

Energy integration. You will make the most of the passive energy resources offered by its orientation and topographic integration since it has been designed to capture and take advantage of solar radiation and temper its temperature with that of the ground. It will capture and store rainwater and recycle the water to use to irrigate orchards and gardens. It will be equipped with low-consumption systems for environmental conditioning and technical devices that reduce water and energy consumption.