Project Description

Rehabilitation and urban revitalization to mitigate risks and rebalance the urban system of the basins, pipes, lakes, and swamps systems of Cartagena de Indias.

Cartagena de Indias. Colombia (2015)

Client: Territorial Development

Definition of the guidelines, legal determinations of the Normative Regulation of the Caños y Lagos Watershed System to overcome the limitations of the disciplinary and methodological instruments of traditional urbanism, addressing the integration of risks in the planning approach of the city and the territory by applying a geosystemic methodology. Drafting of the urban and legal proposal, integrating the work of the consultants: technical memory, diagnostic plans, and formulation plans. Recognition of the systems and structures flows, and opportunities in the territory. Identification of areas of action and specification of projects

The methodological approach focused on restructuring, on the imprint of the articulating nature of the city, the instruments of order, regulation, and action that consolidate the right to adequate urban mobility, to the urban planning of healthy proportions between spaces and buildings, and the mechanisms of socioeconomic rebalancing.

The proposal was based on the geosystemic integration of the work of the experts that make up our team of consultants: oceanographers, hydrologists, environmentalists, urban planners, architects, surveyors, lawyers, economists, sociologists, traffic and transportation planning engineers, who recognize the difficulties and opportunities in all their dimension.