Project Description

Consultancy for the energy efficiency of the rehabilitation project for the Resort, Spa and Residence Bodegón de la Candelaria

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, (2019)

Description: Energy and Water Efficiency Consulting

Client: Bodegón de la Candelaria

Constructed area: 5,200 m²

Consultancy project to develop from the beginning the criteria and solutions that will allow the renovation project of the building for The Resort, Spa and Luxury Residences, Bodegón de la Candelaria, to have the least possible impact on the environment, reduce energy and water demand to minimum levels, be air-conditioned with maximum efficiency energy transfer devices, cover its energy demand through efficient energy generation from renewable and residual energy sources, and be prepared for efficient operation, maintenance and management throughout its entire life cycle. In addition to rigorously complying with the mandatory objectives of Resolution 509 of 2015, the Colombian Energy Efficiency Standard.