Project Description

Mixed Endowment Building for Youth Housing, Resident Parking, and Municipal Cleaning Services

Calle de las Margaritas 52, Madrid (2009)

Description: New Construction

Client: EMVS

Constructed area: 3,900 m²

Completion date: May 2009

The building integrates three differentiated uses: sheltered housing for young people, parking for residents, and the facilities for the Municipal Cleaning services. Each of these uses manifests a series of specific needs of its own that signify and define the types and degrees of relationship that are possible between them, in this context residual, vacant, or underused urban spaces have been used to apply innovative urban approaches and new oriented typologies to resolve these endowments in coexistence with residential use in different modalities that include the endowment of social integration housing under tutored formulas.

From an energy point of view, this building has been one of the pioneers in Spain, promoted by a Municipal administration, in using bioclimatic solutions, renewable energy, and alternatives for energy efficiency, all of them focused on minimizing energy demand.

When it comes to conceiving energy behavior, a passive bioclimatic concept has been started in which efficient insulation, water tightness, ventilation, and passive control of solar capture stand out. The building has a mixed system of solar capture and geothermal exchange (24 vertical exchangers of 83 m deep that work in groups of 6, with 4 geothermal heat pumps of 25kW and reversible cycle for the production of cold or heat) with a heat pump that solves 100% of the air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and the production of sanitary hot water. It also has facilities for municipal cleaning services, reducing the estimated energy demand by 70%, and maintenance of the facility by 60%. Resident parking has been solved through a compact mechanized parking design that allows optimization space and significantly expand the available parking spaces.

The Margaritas 52 Building has been awarded numerous times for its innovative management of available energy resources and efficient use of energy.