Project Description

5 de Mayo Peripheral and Handicraft Market in Panama City. Competition

Panama City, Panama (2013)

Description: Rehabilitation, Contest, 224 Parking Mechanical spaces

Client: Estacionamientos Dynamic 5, S.A

Built area: 9,741.54m²

Completion date: 2013

Contest for the study, design, construction, equipment, maintenance, operation, and financing of a building destined to Market of supplies and crafts, consists of three levels above ground and two basements, with the following program:

A Garden for the Museum located in the Plaza 5 de Mayo, a new handicraft market, food court, terrace and viewpoint, and a mechanical parking area for 224 vehicles. The location of the new Market and Parking is one of the most interesting areas of Panama City, the new building is designed to channel traffic flows in the area, enhancing the landscaping values ​​of the existing gardens, linking them to the new Plaza, putting in value both the historic building near the old Station and the entire sector in which it is located.