Project Description

Building of 11 Protected Homes with robotized parking and commercial stores on Calle de las Huertas

Calle de las Huertas 39 / Lope de Vega 10, Madrid (2005)

Description: Protected Housing Building and Robotized Parking

Client: EMVS

Built area: 715 m²

Completion date: 2006

It is a building of 11 houses under an official protection regime located in an enclave of great interest and historical value in Madrid, which has justified the careful treatment of the facades carried out, the building has been completely rebuilt due to the advanced state of deterioration in which it was located, except for the facade of Lope de Vega street, which has been restored with original solutions and finishes, recovering façade openings and cladding on the ground floor. The building also has 55 robotized parking spaces below ground level, and 2 commercial stores at ground level.